Customs Requirments

Custom Clearance Authorization 

Open Mail Shipping must have your permission to serve as your agent in order to clear dutiable shipments through Customs on your behalf. You have given us permission to operate as your agent for packages that you import using the Open Mail Shipping service by creating an account with us. Thus, we must have a signed authorization letter, your TRN, and a copy of a legitimate government-issued ID on file. Once you've created an account and come to pick up your first shipment, you can complete this one-time process electronically.


Jamaica Customs requires invoices for all packages imported into the country in order to determine the value and whether or not Customs duty charges apply. All invoices should be legible, from the supplier, itemized with the cost of each item, and include the supplier's and buyer's name and address information. Invoices are also required to clear Customs for gifts, used goods, and shipments that do not originate from an e-commerce vendor.

Commercial Shipment

Shipments that are commercial in nature, contain goods in commercial quantities, or imported using a business account are always dutiable, Commercial shipments carry a higher Customs Admin Fee (CAF), and therefore generally attract higher Customs duty charges than personal shipments. Business account holders, with Tax Compliance Letters (TCLs) can avoid higher GCT tax rates by providing us with a copy of a valid TCL. Duty exemptions, etc. can be applied to packages imported via Open Mail Shipping provided the supporting documents are transmitted to us prior to the shipment arriving in Jamaica.